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Welcome to the "One of a Kind" section of Bubble Tree House.
Here you will find unique objects, one-of-a-kind objects, designed and handcrafted by small designers. I use the term "small" because they do everything from the designing to the making, from the ordering to the promoting and everything else in between. But they are not short of talent and skill and we are very proud to have their work on this website.
Each product is distinct from the next, the materials carefully selected for each piece, the product handcrafted with care.
Why is there a separate section for these products? First of all, for you to know you're browsing a different kind of products, where you can find something handmade and unique you will not find anywhere else. Also for the designers to know you will appreciate the time spent on each piece.
How did we select the designers (we're actually only showing one at the moment but we are working with a few others and there will be more to come soon)? Some of them contacted us to show us their products and we just fell in love with their work, some of them we contacted after coming across their work on a crafting website or a market abroad...
In the end, they were all selected for the beauty, the detail and the quality of their work.

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