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Here are our partners for this website. I could say about each one of them that they are one of my favourites in their own field because I admire and love every single one of their designs. They are very different in the materials, the shapes, the colours they use and yet they all thrive for beauty, originality and high quality. These are the qualities they were selected for.

Here is what they say about themselves:

Belle & Boo, UK

Belle & Boo heads up a collection of artworks from the imagination of illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe.
Belle & Boo are two of Mandy’s favourite characters:
-Belle with her bobbed hair, bright eyes and wearing vintage clothing, is insistently curious about the world around her.
-Boo, Belle’s adorable bunny rabbit companion and confidant.

A contemporary twist on vintage charm..
Mandy’s deceptively simple and stylish images capture vividly those precious moments in time enjoyed by children. Whether it be feeding the birds and animals,hugging a tree or simply sharing a story with a friend, the experience conveyed is always pure, and often set in natural environments.

Belle & Boo are more than just two..
Discover the many delightful worlds Mandy creates. Picture book landscapes full of pretty little children, playful creatures and dreamy colours, invoking memories and a nostalgia for childhood.
Meet little girls such as Mia and Ava, two children from beautiful and fanciful places, united through their shared sense of innocence and intrigue.

Chocovenyl, UK

Chocovenyl designs are created by world class artists from different countries and continents. Their themes include the classic: charming dinosaurs, winged fairies, a tea party, cuddly monsters, and many more. They are trendy, innovative creative and of course, original. Their decals are designed to interact with the interests of your child.

The founder of Chocovenyl is a graphic designer and a mom, who is absolutely passionate about Interior Design and the new medium of residential wall graphics. Chocovenyl is a product of passion for all new, creative and fun! The company came to life to infuse our daily space with colour, humor and to allow endless playful possibilities.

Mini Labo, France

Caroline Diaz and Celine Heno met on the benches of the Duperre School of Applied Arts. After college, the first one leans towards Textile and the second one towards Graphic design, but chance brings them together again in the Style Department of a Children clothes brand. From then, they put their energy and talent into creating articles for children that they sell in private sales among friends.
At one of these private sales, they meet Sophie Adary, communication professional. The Duo becomes a Trio and the Mini labo adventure starts.
Mini labo is first a brand distributing their own articles and images.
But Mini labo is also a "little laboratory of the imagination" which designs and creates images, objects, collections, decors, etc. for other well known brands.

Paristic, France

Created in 2007 at the instigation of two Parisian friends, Paristic produces unique collections of 'urban chic' style stickers.

Made today by a graphic designers and illustrators team from the most prestigious art schools and among them world-famous artists, the Paristic stickers decline as many patterns and symbols that provide a true vision of urban life.

A pioneer in the world of sticker, the brand has gained international fame through the details and the excellent finish of its models, all hand made by artisans in Paris.

It's both by the creativity of a contemporary design and the collaboration with leading artists and photographers that Paristic imposes its own signature and reputation.

RoomMate, Denmark

Playful design by RoomMate

In the spring of 2004, the designduo Chrisitne Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle decided to launch an innovative product line for children, with a goal to create positive and stimulating settings for imaginative play.

RoomMate gives kids the mental and physical space for interaction, fantasy and absortion. The versatile and appealing designs are perfect for self-expressio an creation acros a wide range of ages.

Since children invariably install themselves in every room of a house, RoomMate's products are scaled and colored with other household furniture in mind; so even though they're meant for kids, their charm and quickness sits well in a grown-up enviroment.

RoomMate hopes that children, parents and grandparents alike will be happy to have these products occupy a space in their home.

KIDSONROOF, Netherlands

Dutch design for creative and playful kids and grown-ups!

Back to the source of life! Kidsonroof wishes to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination lies at the heart of Kidsonroofs products.

Kidsonroof was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt (NL 68) and Ilya Yashkin (RUS 67). Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they manage a permanent testlab where new ideas keep coming up. A few weeks per year they go back to an oldfashioned simplicity when spending time in their little shed in the southern French mountains without electricity or running water.

Ilya has been trained as an architural designer (Marchi in Moscow and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam). His designs are ingeniously three dimensional and very associative. Romy takes care of the conceptual development and styling.


The CALAFANT Concept: Let children build their dream (castles)!

A couple of years ago, Boris Schimanski, a well-known cartoon artist in Germany, set out with the intention to keep his kids occupied with something that would hold their attention and imagination long enough for him to finish his current work project in peace and quiet. He took some plain cardboard, drew a castle and punched out the individual pieces. With this building and some decorating material, he was able to incite his children to spend more time in their playroom than in his studio. This was just the beginning.

After his work project was completed, he noticed that the kids were still busy with his cardboard creation. After they built their castle by putting the pieces together, they decorated it with all sorts of things from the house and yard and played with it, along with their little figurines, for hours and hours.

The joy of playing with their self-made toy didn't diminish and more and more friends joined in. This is how the business idea for CALAFANT was born.

Domestic, France

Run by stephane arriuberge and massimiliano iorio, Domestic introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes. All these objects have the particularity of offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process.

Already in 2003, Domestic launched its first Wall Drawings collection and with it, invented what is now called 'wall stickers', a new standard in the world of design and interior decoration. A genuine alternative to wallpaper, Wall Drawings literally hands over to the end user who, invited to convert his interior into an area for expression, becomes the originator of his own decor. More recently, Domestic launched the Narcisse collection which removes the mirror from its setting and its customary codes.

The 2008 /09 catalogue introduces a number of new models of wall stickers in never seen before formats with the Wall Drawings 25 x 25. In one year, about 20 designers have joined Domestic. An astonishing collection, Domestic curated by colette, launched in september 2007, is added to the surprising Domestic by matali crasset, brought in matali crasset and her guests.

Coco la fee, France

Corinne Fraysse was born in Toulon. After studying Applied arts in Marseilles, she perfects her knowledge by studying Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. She begins her carrer as graphic conceptor and collaborates in various projects. She then creates the brand Coco La Fee and opens her own gallery in Sanary-sur-Mer in the South East of France.

Caselio, France

CASELIO is a brand of the Texdecor company: An international publishing and luxury decorative products distributor, founded in 1974 in the north of France. 2004 was an important year for Texdecor : In that year all the employees celebrated the company's 30th birthday and witnessed the birth of a new brand: CASELIO. In a few years CASELIO has become a recognised brand, specialising in wallpaper, accessories and coordinated decor products (fabrics, netting, decorative stickers, coated fabrics, murals, and more). The name CASELIO comes from: Casa=Home and Helio=Sun ... a brand which aims to bring sunshine into your home ! A long process ... !

Casadeco, France

Founded in 1974, Texdecor is first specialized in creating textile and vinyl wall coverings for the construction market. The company decides to launch a range of wallpaper and coordinated fabric for the domestic market. This is when Casadeco was born in September 1996. Encouraged by its first successes, the CASADECO team develops its creativity and implements itself fast in several European countries. Today the designing team is very receptive and open to the evolutions of the market. They inspire themselves through the trends of the home decoration, art and fashion world. They work in tight collaboration with internationally known creators and artists in order to create ranges of products coordinated to wallpaper : fabrics, panoramics, stickers, cushions, lampshades and ready to hang curtains. Known for its large range of colours, CASADECO is also appreciated for its variety of designs and its innovating and modern trends. Dive into the CASADECO style of living, its modern touch, the fresh and refine colours : make your home as welcoming, cosy and comfortable as ever !

Mimi Lutine, France

Mimi Lutine was born on the 16th of November 2004. She is a figment of a (not too) grown-up imagination who, immersed in a French Manga universe, wanted to give life to this cute and bright little girl.
Mimi lutine is a character who will charm you. Like every kid, she likes to disguise herself. And her collection includes a variety of accessories for small... and bigger kids.

Green Lullaby, Israel

Green Lullaby creates innovated furniture, storage and play items, made entirely of cardboard. They provide warm and trendy solutions surroundings that are safe, soft and environmentally friendly.
Their products are designed to meet the ever changing needs of a growing child's environment, in a sustainable fashion. They are smart, light, easy to assemble and use, and provide hours of fun for both parents and children.

Blackboard Attitude, France

Blackboard Attitude is the brilliant cooperation of Dame Csil, the designer, and Laurent, the craftman. They started making chalkboards for their children, to stop the scribbles on the walls. They design and make their wild blackboards in Lyon (France).

Flensted Mobiles, Denmark

Mobiles are a traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile - as a decoration for the home - was created in 1954 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe. Their first design, the Stork mobile, was a great success, and now flies all over the world.
Christian Flensted became known as the "Uromager", a name impossible to translate into English, which means a "maker of things mischievous and always on the move".
Today, their son Ole and his wife Aase continue the tradition, with ideas for new and original mobiles issuing regularly from their "Department of Space Research".
Flensted Mobiles are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skilful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang.

Georges and Rosalie, France

Georges and Rosalie is the story of Georges, a wanderer dog, and his friend Rosalie, a beautiful Russian doll. It's a ludic and oneiric universe, a mixture of coloured and printed fabrics, objects with zoological forms and colored faces... It's a funny and poetic world.
Georges and Rosalie is a French trademark of textile objects and accessories for children and women. The brand was born in 2005 and the products are distributed as early as 2006 in shops and conceptstores.
Georges and Rosalie also put their creativity at the service of larger brands or manufacturers in the form of services by designing textile objects, kits or collections.
Guided by their know-how in arts and crafts (embroidery, tapestry, studies in the Duperre Applied Arts School in Paris), both designers Alexandra and Severine decide to work around the mixture of bright colours but also dark colours, less frequently used in the world of children. They also use a mixture of patterns: dots, stripes, flowers... And add their common love of certain worlds and influences: the circus, the folklore, the gypsy culture...

Blankidoo, Ireland

The multi-purpose baby blanket.

Fashion design roots developed a love of fabrics, textiles, colours and patterns while studies in tailoring/dressmaking established essential sewing skills. Unsuccessful searches for unique and timeless presents for newborn babies of friends and family sparked an interest in blanket-making.
And so Blankidoo was born.

Cosmic Zoo Atelier, France

Based in Brittany, Soizic is originally a textile designer. She got the idea of making canvases while presenting a project on wooden frames.
Her collections are colourful and contemporary, for children and adults alike.

Pappelina, Sweden

Pappelina is a company that stands for quality and function. They believe that simplicity lasts in the long run.
They are building a wide range of products for the home, where Pappelina patterns, colours and details are recognised. In their selection you will find both graphic and simple patterns, also organic and soft shapes in well chosen colours for a modern home.

Centre of gravity of their selection is the Plastic rug.
It was almost forgotten when they renewed it and made it popular. With knowledge and tradition to stand on, they have added new forms, new colours and a new material.
Plastic - with a traditional weaving technique that was born in 1948 and modernised by Pappelina in 1999.
Their rugs have been a success in Sweden and they are represented in many countries all over the world.
Pappelina stands for simple and functional design of high quality.

Mimi'Lou, France

Mimi'lou was created in 2005 by Miriam Derville of German origin. From the luxury industry, she had been advertising artistic director for fragrances like Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Guerlain.

To share her passion for drawing with her children, she paints their stuffed animals on their bedroom walls. Children are happy and adults ask about them. So to put her drawings wherever she wants, she realized they could be made with tape ... and that's how Mimi'lou was born!
Inspired by the funny and tender world of children's drawings on the wall, she invites us to join her in a poetic world where anything is possible: reading a book with a hippo in the bath, whispering a secret into the ear of a doe, or walking the butterfly...

Today Mimi'lou have expanded to making bags, lamps, cushions, stationery etc...
It's a sweet and new idea.

Pipoca, France

Pipoca (meaning popcorn in Brazilian) create and design accessories and household linens...
Mix of fabrics found by chance here and there and unique screen printing, in a modern world with a retro touch, vibrant and colourful and with impeccable finishing touches.

Engel., Netherlands

What do you do when it's your daughter's birthday and you want to give her something to treasure for life? That's right, you sit down at the green sewing machine and you take out the trunk full of colorful scraps your grandma left you. And you make your daughter party flags. At least, that's what you do if your name is Sabien Engelenburg. She designed and created the party banner that lasts a lifetime and, more recently, the cheerful Dress Your Table table cloth, with matching placemats. Keep an eye on ENGEL., because Sabien still has quite a few surprises up her sleeve!

Les Petites Marie, France

An amazing history:
1963: Gabrielle RAYNAUD settles in Paris as a craftsman and a manufacturer of puppets. She receives congratulations from Bloomingdales (UK) as well as the diploma for the best toy.
1964: Creation of the characters for “Bonne nuit les petits”, created by Claude Laydu (Nounours, Pimprenelle, Nicolas…)
1965: Following the success of this televised series, Mr. and Mrs. RAYNAUD create the company “Les Petites Marie” (Puppets in old French).
Other licences will be signed up with Pierre CARDIN, HERGE for Tintin and his companions, with Serge DANOT for the "Manège enchanté", (Pollux and his friend), with ORTF for Kiri the clown and the "Grand Yaka".
70's: Creation and manufacture of the characters of the musical tale “Emilie Jolie”, by Philippe CHATEL.
1984: In accordance with Mr. de Brunhoff's request, creation of Babar as a cuddly toy for which he company obtains the market licence.
1989: Les Petites Marie are taken over by Emmanuel RAYNAUD, son of the founders, and relocates from Paris to Amboise (in Indre-et-Loire).
1992: Creation and manufacture of collections for Baby DIOR, child division of Christian DIOR
Since 1997: Realisation of mascots, collections for large companies, such as Michelin, Lancel, Descamps, etc. and also major hotels including "Hotel de Paris", "Hotel du Palais", etc.
2003: Transfer of the company in BLOIS (41), because the Amboise structure is no longer sufficient.
To meet the competition, the company decides to delocalise a part of the production but a integrated workshop still remains in France.