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Indian Camp

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Paint it or colour it in. Then play with it for hours... Creative play at its best!
Tepee 13 x 10.5 x 21,5cm - Totem 18 x 16 x 24cm
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This Indian camp is made of an extremely sturdy, yet light and flexible cardboard material. It is especially produced to ensure high quality for children to freely decorate and play safely. We all know that kids like to transport or even throw and push their toys: the special cardboard allows them to do that without the toys being easily damaged. Many small details reveal the great thought that went into the development of each model. With illustrated instructions included, the toys can be easily built without glue, thanks to a clever fold-and-slot system.

Close attention has been paid to ensure that there are no sharp edges or pointy towers.
Since play and storage space is often an issue, each toy can be folded away for storage and, once the child has outgrown or outplayed it, it can be recycled instead of being thrown away and sent to a landfill.

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Dimensions Tepee 13 x 10.5 x 21,5cm - Totem 18 x 16 x 24cm